Interview on aminopeptidase A inhibitors: Fabrice Balavoine, Vice-President research and Development Quantum Genomics, Paris
Webcast: November 12, 2018
Quantum Genomics under the spotlight
Webcast: April 20, 2018
Quantum Genomics strengthens its governance
Salt-related high blood pressure: Inefficient patient care, according to Pr. Keith C. Ferdinand, which penalizes African-Americans and obese people. He expects a lot from the new class of drugs developed by QuantumGenomics to improve their situation
This very interesting focus of Profesor Toshiro Fujita on the salt-related hypertension mechanisms, which particularly affect African-American, Asian and obese persons, is supporting our commitment to develop our drug candidate QGC001
Heartfailure is suffering from a lack of effective treatments. We are encouraged by Profesor Leenen's interest for our drug candidate QGC101
On the World Heart Day, Quantum Genomics wanted to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases
Key Messages from the KOL Day organized on June 27

Quantum Genomics’s prospects presented by Jean-Philippe Milon (Chief Operating Officer).
Dr Bruno Besse, Chief Medical Officer of Quantum Genomics, presents key elements of ongoing studies and the last positive results presented at the ESH congress, on June 17th.
Lionel Segard looks back on Quantum Genomics’ achievements, 11 years after its foundation.

Lionel Segard presents Quantum Genomics at the KOL Day organized on June 27th in New York.

Professor Henry Black presents the management of hypertension with a view from 25,000 feet at the KOL Day on June 27th in New York.

Professor Keith Ferdinand presents the complicated, resistant hypertension especially in minorities at the KOL Day organized on June 27th in New York.

Doctor Bruno Besse comments the Phase IIa results in hypertension and reveals the next steps at the KOL Day organized on June 27th in New York.

The panel discussion who follows the several presentations at the KOL Day organized on June 27th in New York.