Academic Partners

A network of international renown academic experts

The establishment of collaborations and partnerships with academic laboratories, clinical investigation centers and pharmaceutical industries, is an essential component of the Quantum Genomics strategy .

Quantum Genomics also collaborates with the Center for Clinical Investigation 9201 APHP / INSERM of the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris managed by Professor Michel Azizi.

The Company has demonstrated its commitment in several collaborative projects by coordinating projects selected by the National Research Agency under the BIOTEC-S and RPIB programmes aimed at supporting  biological and biomedical research projects jointly implemented by companies and academic laboratories.

Quantum Genomics is coordinated the RPIB / CLINAPAI project supported by the National Research Agency  whose objectives were firstly to evaluate the safety and blood pressure effectiveness of QGC001 in patients with high blood pressure in a controlled, randomized, versus placebo and active comparator phase IIa clinical trial, and secondly, to identify new drug candidates from the BAPAI technology. The positive results were disclosed on June 2017 at the ESH congress.